Amdocs eSIM Cloud

yayıncı: Amdocs

The leading eSIM management platform, covering all devices, methods and business segments in a cloud

A Cloud-based platform connecting and managing all the players in the eSIM ecosystem.
It allows CSPs to easily launch any eSIM- based offering, for device types and brands, with minimum time and investment. The Amdocs eSIM cloud is fully integrated and certified with the leading device OEMs and eSIm database vendors. It is connected to the CSP’s backend systems and offload all the eSIM complexity to the cloud. It is an holistic solution, from the device to the cloud, allowing CSPs to enjoy low setup costs and quick time-to-market. By integrating to all market players, the Amdocs eSIM cloud enables CSPs to offer a single, unified and seamless experience to end customers.

The award winning Amdocs eSIM platform is serving dozens of telcos across the globe, enabling millions of subscribers to join the digital era of connectivity.

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