Deep North Video Analytics Platform

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Deep North AI Platform - Analytics for Retail, Malls, Commercial Real Estate, and Transportation

Video Analytics for the Enterprise.

Deep North enables retailers, shopping centers, commericial real estate and transportation hubs to make the most of their video assets. By using the Deep North AI platform, customers can leverage existing CCTV video for a range of uses that improve customer experiences and drive efficiencies. We primarily serve four markets:

  • For Shopping Centers: Understand the who, where, the why, and how when it comes to how people are interacting with your mall and its offerings.

  • For Retailers: Empower store owners with clear, data-driven insights into your customers’ journey through your stores. 

  • For Commercial Real Estate: Add robust layers of efficiencies and safety mechanisms using underutilized and/or pre-existing video assets. 

  • For Transportation Hubs: Generate increased ROI through optimized consumer travel experiences, shopping insights, and luggage and safety efficiencies. 

Deep North Main Number 650-781-1550

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