Dell Cloud Snapshot Manager

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Dell Cloud Snapshot Manager

Cloud Snapshot Manager is a SaaS solution making it easy for customers to protect workloads in public cloud environments such as Azure - without requiring installation or infrastructure. Customers can discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds based on policies for seamless backup and disaster recovery. CSM scales as your organization and data grows. The automatic assignment of resources to protection policies based on tags is essential to achieve auto-scaling in the cloud with the peace of mind that your resources are protected.

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Cloud Snapshot Manager (CSM) is a SaaS-based solution for backup and disaster recovery, complete with multi-tenancy capabilities, fully operated by Dell. It provides customers the control, automation and visibility over their workloads in the cloud, without having the burden and cost of managing the backup server and paying for the infrastructure.


CSM makes it easier for organizations to manage, protect, and control instances of data and workloads in a cloud environment - without requiring installation or infrastructure. With a powerful policy engine, CSM takes snapshots based on tags and will help you lower your costs by deleting the snapshots per retention policies. CSM also helps you copy snapshots across regions for disaster recovery. In case of a meltdown in one region, the workloads can be brought up in another region.


Designed from the ground up for any size cloud infrastructure, CSM has a highly scalable orchestration engine to meet the scale and needs of the large enterprise. It provides auto scaling, audit logs, and reports - so as the company grows, data protection scales with it. CSM also has an application consistent framework ensuring Microsoft applications have been queried before snapshots are taken, ensuring applications consistency.


With a growing number of customers embracing a multi-cloud strategy, CSM provides seamless management across multiple clouds (AWS, Azure) through a single pane of glass removing the burden and cost to operate different tools for each cloud. To meet the innovation and competitive demands of your business, it is critical that data and applications are always available across all public clouds.

5 | TRUSTED PARTNER Dell EMC is a trusted partner in data protection whether your workloads are running on premises or in the cloud. The Dell EMC data protection portfolio provides a trusted foundation for businesses to transform IT through the creation of a hybrid cloud, as well as transform their business through the creation of cloud-native applications and big data solutions.

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