Descartes Lead Generator™

yayıncı: Descartes Systems Group

United States Maritime Importers and Exporters Leads

Descartes Lead Generator™ provides access to a business intelligence dashboard containing United States maritime imports and exports containerized shipments. This product is intended for any company in the transportation industry with the need to identify new markets, find leads, track their customer's shipments, or understand their competitors ’ landscape. It is accessible via any online or mobile device through the Microsoft Power BI app. Descartes Lead Generator™ is driven by the information available in the Descartes Datamyne online application, which delivers actionable intelligence for market research, sales insight, supply chain management, enhanced security and competitive strategy. Manufacturers, shippers , wholesalers, transport and logistics service providers, industry analysts and more use our exceptionally accurate and granular data to initiate growth strategies, explore new markets, benchmark performance, monitor commodity volumes and values, simplify trade data research, discover buyer-seller relationships and refine sourcing strategies.

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