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The quickest, easiest, and most secure way to drive your business with data.

Domo is the cloud-based data platform that allows companies to run their businesses from their mobile devices, bringing together data, systems, and people to create a digitally connected business. Domo empowers your employees and teams by connecting them to the data they need to make business decisions that increase revenue and decrease costs.

No matter where the data lives–in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of the two–Domo’s platform allows data from across an organization to be connected, visualized, and put into action. With Domo, every employee has access to the information they need to make faster, data-driven decisions that increase productivity while decreasing costs. Domo can connect Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, and Operations data, breaking down data silos to create digitally connected businesses.

Domo's platform allows you to:

  • Connect & Transform data from across your organization to create a unified view of your business.
  • Visualize & Analyze data to provide immediate insights that enable employees to make faster, data-driven decisions.
  • Build Apps & Extend your data to create solutions as unique as your business.

With Domo, you can connect data from across all departments of your business including:

  • Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics, LinkedIn, Bing, Eloqua, Adobe, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook, Twitter, HubSpot, Qualtrics, and any other Marketing data source.
  • Finance: Excel, SAP, NetSuite, Anaplan, Adaptive Insights, Intacct, Xero, Coupa, Concur, Stripe, Square, Workday, and any other Finance data source.
  • IT: Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Zendesk, Oracle, AWS, Jira, and any other IT data source.
  • Sales: Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, Salesforce, Oracle, Xactly,, SalesHood, Outreach, Seismic, and any other Sales data source.
  • Operations: Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, Workfront, Trello, Intuit, and any other Operations data source.

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