Vehicle Lifecycle Management

yayıncı: DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Optimize vehicles with a digital twin, FOTA updates, and comprehensive lifecycle management.

Unleash the Power of Connected Vehicles: Our solutions support the entire lifecycle of the Connected Vehicle – from initial vehicle development and production in the plant to vehicle’s maintenance after its sale. With our Connected Vehicle and Lifecycle Management (LCM) solutions you create a virtual image of the vehicle in the cloud, the so-called "digital twin". This digital twin is constantly updated and maintained throughout the entire lifecycle.

LCM can make use of existing product lifecycle management system like Teamcenter or Windchill and update vehicle software using over-the-air solutions. Thus, PRODIS.LCM complements existing product lifecycle management systems in order to support handling complex dependencies within vehicles. Furthermore, by addressing the whole vehicle lifecycles PRODIS.LCM supports vehicle manufacturers in fulfilling the UN ECE R156 regulation on software update with PRODIS.LCM serving as the single source for production, aftersales, and over-the-air updates.

By constantly recording the Vehicle Health and System State (VHSS), you gain real-time insight into the hardware and software versions as well as the current configuration of the ECUs at any time. Our Connected Vehicle solutions provide the possibility to transfer new system software via Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) nearly at any time. In addition, our tools allow the definition of campaigns to distribute firmware and parameter updates to vehicles in the field.
The LCM solution not only stores changes to the vehicle in terms of firmware and parameter updates, but also tracks repair and other maintenance operations in the workshop.

For car manufacturers we support setting up processes to manage the diagnostics data and the configuration complexity. Moreover, our solutions enable the remote update and configuration of vehicles in the field. These solutions and use cases support the concept of a software defined vehicle, including activation of new software features (customer binding).

Deploying our Lifecycle Management Application via the Azure Marketplace enables you to leverage a comprehensive solution effortlessly deployed within an AKS cluster. All confidential information will be safeguarded within an Azure Key Vault. Our tailored Azure VM grants you access to administrative control over vehicle updates.

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