RealGreen (Sustainability - Scope 3 Emission Tracking)

yayıncı: Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Sustainability - Scope 3 Emission Tracking featuring CO2e and several other environmental parameters

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA. We enable digital acceleration and cost saving benefits to organizations.

Current Challenges involved in Scope 3 emission Tracking:
1. Manual & inaccurate Scope 3 CO2 emissions & GHG compliance workings.
2. Data Availability and Accuracy:
3. Supply Chain Complexity

Solution: Real time Scope 3 CO2e tracking and 90% accurate real time digital solution to meet Scope 3 sustainability goals.

Business Benefits:
1. Sustainability Real Time Simulation Tool : LCA CO2 emissions calculator capturing both upstream & downstream
2. Supplier Collaboration Tool : Multi-Tier supplier collaboration with part/component manufacturing details captured from Cradle to Grave
3. Multi-Modal Logistics Tracker : Shipment mode of transport, distance and SKU level CO2 emission traceability
4. Blockchain Technology : Auditable ledgers with data captured at source for calculating accurate CO2 emissions
5. Comprehensive Transport Tracker : Integrations with 128 air cargo carriers and 50+ ocean liners for in-transit CO2 emissions data and events

Value Proposition: Up to 90% Accurate CO2e & other GHG Parameters racking across value chain.

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