edison365businesscase - Business Case Software

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Implement ideas that bring the most value with business case management software

Enable a standardized and transparent process for business case creation and only invest in projects that will generate value.
Our business case software enables you to rapidly evaluate ideas, spot trends, identify bottlenecks and easily demonstrate benefit realization. With complete visibility, you can also understand the cost, benefit, resource requirements and ROI across an entire portfolio of business cases.
With an intuitive user interface, based on Microsoft 365, edison365businesscase is easy to adopt and leverages tools you already know and love such as Teams and Yammer.

  • Accelerate evaluation and approval.
  • Build multiple templates, forms and approval stages aligned to your own processes and financial sign-off limits.
  • Immediately understand the financial and resourcing requirements of each business case with interactive and highly visual roadmaps and tables.
  • With full access control, views are available depending on individual permission and approval rights.
  • Easily refer back to a business case to ensure project implementations are on track and delivering the expected benefits.

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