eG Enterprise Monitoring Service for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

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Monitoring for your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops - Simple setup, reports, analytics & diagnosis.

Get total visibility into your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop deployment and be proactively alerted to issues before users notice and complain. Get insights into usage patterns so you can generate reports for compliance and auditing. Track who logged in, when, for how long, determine which applications they used, for how long and what resources they used.

With eG Enterprise Monitoring for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops, you can:
  • Monitor all aspects of the user experience when accessing Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops - logon time, app launch time, screen latency, input delays, etc. so you address any latency issues proactively. Use synthetic monitoring 24x7 (including a custom-built logon simulator for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops) from strategic locations to track the availability and responsiveness of the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop service . Complement this with real-user experience monitoring using light-weight agents on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts to track what latency, bandwidth usage and jitter.
  • Monitor every layer and every tier of your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, including the host pools, session hosts, connection brokering, Microsoft Azure subscription, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, etc.; In-depth models ensure that KPIs for each tier are tracked and alerts generated if any abnormalities are detected.
  • Get the top 25 reports that any IT admin needs: These include reports of top users, top applications, load balancing status, active/idle times etc. for virtual desktop users.
  • Get AIOps capabilities built into the tool to support auto-discovery, auto-baselining and automatic correlation and root-cause diagnosis of problems, so even helpdesk personnel can easily and effectively use the monitoring tool.
Licensing is by concurrent users. You do not have to pay per metric or write Kusto queries to extract metrics. Simple to deploy, eG Enterprise makes monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops a breeze. Use the same console to monitor other digital workspace technologies deployed on-premises or on the cloud. eG Enterprise also support Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft RDS and AWS WorkSpaces and AWS AppStream 2.0.

Note that Microsoft, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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