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Mobilize Sales and Track Team Productivity in the Field and Enhance the Distribution Process

Are you in the field of FMCG, food and beverage, pharma, or distribution in general?
Do you have sales force in the field?
Now is the time to increase your sales performance, reduce your daily costs, and make enhanced decisions by using our sales force automation and GPS tracking services platform: mSales.

mSales is a sales force automation system which allows your sales team place orders, issue invoices, collect payments, register visits -among other activities- on the move, real time, while being tracked minute-by minute by an advanced GPS tracking system.

mSales handles all merchandising activities such as handling customers and products surveys, monitoring and reporting competitors moves and protects your investment against out-of-stocks, out-of-date promotions, non-compliant displays, misplaced or misused display assets.

mSales integrates with known ERP’s such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, in addition to other international and local ERP’s.

mSales is designed to be a flexible platform that meets different needs of different business sectors.

Briefly, mSales is a must in today’s aggressive market environment.

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