Empirix KLERITY® Service Assurance for 5G

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Empirix KLERITY® 5G Customer Experience & Service Assurance

Empirix KLERITY® 5G Customer Experience & Service Assurance

Empirix KLERITY® puts you on a path towards Automated Assurance of Network & Service Performance and Customer Experience for the 5G Era

Empirix is a leading provider of carrier-grade customer experience assurance for the 5G era, empowering Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises to deliver high quality digital service (voice, data & IoT) experiences and deep insights with KLERITY, the world’s first cloud-native, by design, monitoring and service assurance solution.

Throughout network and service lifecycle stages (pre-launch preparation, service launch, daily operations and management), optimization of customer and device experience, service SLAs and network performance is critical. This requires unified, correlated, end-to-end and highly granular visibility, monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting across subscribers, devices, applications, services and networks, with drill-down to individual call/data sessions and deep packet analysis.

KLERITY’s cloud-native monitoring and service assurance capabilities support a broad range of hybrid (physical, virtual, cloud) networks (3G/4G/5G/Wireline Telco, IT and IoT) and Use Cases (eg Analytics, CEM, Enterprise/private 5G, Industrial IoT monitoring and analytics, and network slice monetization) enhanced by automation and AI/ML, and available under a subscription-based business model that provides up to 40% reduction in TCO versus traditional assurance systems.

For 5G Standalone Architecture (SA) networks, KLERITY enables: 

5G SA Pre-Launch Preparation

  • Technology evaluation and insights into the new SBA with end to end call flow visualization
  • Network function vendor evaluation with comparison and benchmarking
  • Field Trial evaluation and traffic profiling
  • End to end vendor interoperability performance and troubleshooting of subscriber and protocol issues at packet/session levels
  • Network design validation including user plane and control plane (CUPS) visualization and correlation and bandwidth and latency performance in Edge deployments

5G SA Launch & Operations

  • Proactive and preventative operations with performance and quality degradation alerts
  • SLA management of enterprise 5G use cases and individual subscribers with the right combination of uRLLC, eMBB and mMTC KPIs and KQIs
  • Network, service and application performance, and subscriber experience troubleshooting
  • End to end network and service performance, quality and experience health dashboards
  • Reduced MTTR with Root Cause Analysis of subscribers and protocols
  • Visualize and troubleshoot inter-RAT 3G/4G/5G performance degradations

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