Digital Concierge – The Conversational Bot for All

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A conversational chatbot that integrates with MS Teams & enterprise applications to eliminate silos.

Digital Concierge – The Conversational Bot for All

Our Digital Concierge, a conversational bot, seamlessly integrates with existing collaboration channels such as MS Teams, Slack, Direct Line, web applications or other social media applications providing an omni-channel experience.

The need for a Conversational Bot

Working with enterprise applications doesn’t have to be time consuming or complex. The Digital Concierge revolutionizes the way  processes and tasks are executed in an organization. In traditional processes, users need to:

  • remember the navigation / nomenclature of each application
  • install / navigate through multiple applications / authentications
  • use multiple devices based on devices supported by each application
  • perform only one task at a time, i.e. synchronous communication

These problems are addressed through a simple chat interface that integrates with your collaboration application(s).


Conversational Bot Scope

With a wide array of integration possibilities, Digital Concierge can be used by internal and client facing organizational functions.

  • HR: Submit expenses and time-sheets, get payroll information or details on benefits, policies and more.
  • Finance: Users can just type in ‘collections status’ or ‘what is total AR till date’ or ‘vendor on-boarding status’ and get answers.
  • Operations: ‘Payment status for client ABC’ or ‘what’s the inventory level on X’ or ‘goods at warehouse Y’, or ‘ what’s the count for SKU AAA’ can be retrieved by chat.
  • IT: Inquire on ‘support ticket status’ or ‘what is the ETA for my ticket’ or ‘please escalate my support ticket’.

For more information, please check the resources below, or contact us for a live demo.

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