ShareINTEGRATE - SharePoint Salesforce Integration

yayıncı: Emtec, Inc.

Integrate SharePoint with Salesforce for access to all documents on SharePoint within Salesforce.

Simple, Seamless, Synergy - SharePoint Salesforce Integration

Optimizing productivity and security while working with different enterprise systems is a challenge for many organizations. For firms that use Salesforce and wish to store their documents within, the high cost of storage is a concern. A solution can be to utilize SharePoint for document management, but the lack of easy collaboration between the two creates a major roadblock. Emtec's solution, ShareINTEGRATE™, seamlessly embeds access to SharePoint-stored documents within Salesforce Accounts, Contacts or Opportunity records. Benefits include:

  • SharePoint functionality embedded seamlessly in Salesforce
  • Easy, real time and bi-directional access to SharePoint libraries
  • A cost effective and efficient option for storing files in SharePoint
  • All teams involved in a customer’s journey have access to the same file repository

As part of this assessment and implementation service, our Salesforce and SharePoint experts collaborate with your teams to understand your current environment and needs. We can implement ShareINTEGRATE™ either on Azure or on-premise, depending upon current and future requirements.


  • Setup Requirements:
    • Administrator level access for Salesforce
    • Administrative & Service Account user to setup SharePoint App Only access
    • Assistance of client IT infrastructure administrators for settings outside of Salesforce and SharePoint

  • Ongoing Usage:
    • Salesforce licenses for each user with access to required standard and custom objects
    •  SharePoint Online subscription with App Only access
    •  ShareINTEGRATE™ server and service monitoring

  • ShareINTEGRATE™ user training – 2 sessions of 1 hr. each
  • ShareINTEGRATE™ service deployed* on a preferred hosting environment (in client scope)
  • Salesforce widgets on required standard/custom object page layouts
* Recommend installation on sandbox environment for UAT before go-live.

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