EPAM Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform


EPAM's DCT Platform is a collection of technical accelerators to enhance a virtualized experience.

In partnership with Microsoft’s Clinical Research Innovation Hub and Cloud for Healthcare Offering, EPAM’s Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) platform offers a modularized approach of implementing technical accelerators in the areas of e-Consent, Telehealth, ePRO/eCOA Mobile configuration, as well as and IoT integration. 

By leveraging Microsoft’s Azure platform and its suite of highly configurable products, EPAM’s DCT platform provides Life Science companies with the ability to evolve their current state past a traditional clinical trial model, and into a future state that allows for increased patient/clinician collaboration as well as access and monitoring of patient data in a remote capacity. 

The goal, ultimately, being to ensure the eligibility of a more diverse subject population, an improved trial experience, increased ownership and access to data, as well as the reduction of trial timelines and cost at the site and sponsor levels. 

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