Adapt to Digital Disruption with AI-Driven Insights.

TelescopeAI is a digital transformation management platform that integrates data from existing systems of record and provides AI-driven insights to proactively navigate an organization’s digital transformation and effectively manage their people, the projects they’re working on and their overall productivity. Solutions include: • IT Operations: Optimize the entire IT operations lifecycle from end-to-end, increase delivery efficiency and improve business agility • Vendor Management: Monitor vendor productivity and quality, analyze KPIs and ensure efficient budget allocation • Workforce Management: Oversee everything from hiring to retaining your globally distributed employees • IoT & Device Management: View, monitor, analyze and act on data generated by IoT devices to ensure peak business performance Leveraging our dedicated team of product development professionals and EPAM’s 25+ years of software engineering expertise, we can help implement and customize TelescopeAI to meet your business requirements.
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