SAP Cloud Lift for Azure

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Frictionless SAP® system syncing to the cloud

Data Sync Manager leveraging the power of Azure

Spin up SAP workloads in Azure for DevOps, training or project landscapes – including scrambling and securing data at source.

Frictionless migrations

Elegant solution, with wizard-driven provisioning tools and templates – reducing the time it takes for creating system copies.

Smart data selection

Easily decide which SAP data you want to lift to the cloud, allowing you to rightsize your SAP estate. Time- or enterprise-slice the data you want to sync.

Source-side data masking

Protect your sensitive SAP data by scrambling production data at source before it leaves the system, allowing you to test the process in pre-production systems securely on Azure.

Don’t just lift and shift

Unlike other cloud providers that copy entire SAP systems, including their sensitive data, with EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager you can optimise and secure your data when moving workloads to Azure.

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