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Evisort Contract Management & Analytics


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Evisort is a smart contract management system that requires no manual data entry.

Evisort is an AI-driven contract management platform that automatically extracts key insights and meta-data from your legal documents, all delivered through a secure, easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Evisort creates a centralized repository and single-source of truth across your entire organization with customizable advanced reporting and analytics. Evisort improves efficiency for critical business decisions. Manage vendor contracts, expedite sales agreement approvals, and drive compliance and efficiency across multiple business lines with easy setup.

- Never waste time looking for a contract again
- Standalone centralized repository, or integrates with your current storage locations
- Works with almost any format of document, from PDF to Word to image files
- Manage contract deadlines, contract language, key provisions, and more
- Analyze a 20-page document in seconds, including contracts, invoices, purchase orders, proposals, and more
- Be proactive, not reactive, to risks facing your organization
- Increase intelligence with benchmarking and centralized record-keeping