eCOS Sales

yayıncı: EXTERNIS

The SaaS software that allows the POS Materials and services process management

100% SaaS, packaged & configurable,100% Integrable,100% Scalable

For over 15 years, Externis entrusts its eCOS® software design to business experts, coming from its customers’ sectors and markets. As a true reference on the Retail Execution market, Externis maintains an editor-partner relationship with its customers. This relationship is sustained by a “Customer Success” team that focuses its business thinking on its clients’ needs and expectations.

With eCOS® Sales, the retail execution process is optimized which allows the effectiveness of in-store operational execution but also a specific analysis and a decision support for future point-of-sale actions.
This functional software scope puts eCOS® Sales at the center of business software program solutions like salesforce automation software programs (SFA), customer relationship software programs (CRM), integrated management software package (or ERP) and information systems (IS).

eCOS® is a collaborative interface, that connects providers, sales teams in headquarters and in the field, in real time. Develop your partners’ network and encourage sharing between sales teams, and enjoy a user-friendly access to a secure collaborative space. Grasp every business opportunity in real time, with just a few clicks.

Improve your commercial productivity thanks to a solution that answers sales teams issues in point – of – sale, such as mobility and working without internet coverage. eCOS® Sales gives more comfort to your teams and allows them to work with greater efficiency.

Lower your costs while remaining attentive to your sales force. eCOS® Sales allows you to control your budget framework thanks to the allocation of quotas and a real – time follow – up of your investments. Make considerable savings by producing exactly the quantity needed by your sales force using surveys (for example : the estimated quantity of displays implemented).

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