EY ESG Performance Analytics & Reporting

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EMEIA ESG Reporting solution​

Solution overview:

The EY ESG Performance Analytics & Reporting solution supports our clients to effectively and efficiently manage the risks and requirements of mandatory ESG disclosures in their market. We support them to realize the value of integrating a robust approach to ESG reporting into the core of their business strategy and decision-making. The solution is supported by a Microsoft technology build, leveraging MCfS and is designed for deployment and integration directly into the client’s environment, maximizing the value of their data. EY ESG Performance Analytics & Reporting provides a complete solution for managing compliance, performance and risk in the ESG space.

Solution benefits:

•Integrates MCfS with the native EY ESG data architecture to leverage powerful capabilities
•Delivers visualization and reporting capability across scope 1,2 and 3 emissions with direct connections to source systems, providing near-real-time visibility
•Helps generate insights and intelligence and drive valuable decision-making to reduce emission footprint
•Captures common data model allowing calculation and reporting of emissions data with simplified pre-built emission calculators, pre-built algorithms and industry-standard coefficients
•Helps provide a program-managed way of doing maturity, materiality and risk assessments along with custom metric definition and management

•Facilitates clients to integrate different architectures to support a secure and harmonized single-source data environment, delivering robust and transparent reporting

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