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Provides RDP, RDP WEB, IIS & PowerShell access protection and integration with RADIUS & REST API

Most organizations are planning or have already went through a digital transformation leveraging all the advantages offered by Azure cloud data center. This transition introduces complex environments comprising of heterogenous environments with mixed operating systems, which often results in duplicity of tools, processes, expertise and challenges. When trying to apply a consolidated and streamlined cyber security remote access policy, the numerous management points for user identity validation and provisioning introduces new risks to the organization.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is the common management tool to access corporate Windows servers, data and applications from different devices. However, the new reality forces administrators and organizations to review their remote access strategies and will want to increase their security. When deploying new windows virtual machines into Azure data centers, it becomes important to deploy additional security measures and protect remote access to Windows based servers.

WinseQure offers protection for RDP, WebRDP and Powershell remote access with MFA capabilities. Moreover, WinseQure effortlessly integrates with other apps through standards-based protocols such as RADIUS and REST API, and enforces remote access policies across Azure data centers. The solution adds a crucial layer of security to sign-ins to help safeguard access to critical company resources while meeting user’s requirement for easy sign-in process. Using WinseQure provides the assurance sought from organization to move their assets to Azure while meeting compliancy and regulatory requirements

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