HiStruct Building Configurator

yayıncı: FemCAD solutions s.r.o.

3D steel building designer that automates the engineering and sales process in building industry.

HiStruct is highly efficient

and modern web based application that helps steel building manufacturers automate the engineering and sales process. Its customizable focus creates fully detailed 3D model - powerful and attractive visualization serves for both sales representative as well as the client to submit requests easily.

Win more sales

HiStruct targets to professionals who are striving to significantly decrease quotation lead times and eliminate rework.

HiStruct presents excellent sales tool that rapidly increase the company profit as its response time gets lower. Client approval is based on real 3D model and minimize the time for order preparation. Moreover, generating variants is easy and immediate operation.

Various product templates are present based on sales case. This takes the user quickly to the desired result.

Detailed engineering design

HiStruct Building configurator enables the sales managers to focus on more valuable job as the rest is automated and saves them significant amount of time and energy.

It brings quality configuration, analysis, optimization and outputs generations such as engineering report, overview drawings, bill of material, assembly lists and especially sales quotations.

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