FIS Open Payment Framework


Enterprise payments platform to build, deploy and operate payment service for all payment processing

OPF is an enterprise payments  foundation platform, deployable on premise or in the Cloud , made of  a  rich suite of functional  module  aimed  at automating the straight through  processing of the  multiple real time and  batch  payment flows , integrating  with core banking system, bank retail and acquisition channels, validation and enrichment of payment   collateral management, for ex service and compliance AML/risk  services. It has been conceived to automate the payment flows with multiple payment infrastructures Automated Clearing House (ACH ) and real time gross-settlement systems (RTGS )  and meet the most demanding  payment scheme rules and compliance regulations all over the world.


• Best in class service architecture enabling real time payment volume processing in micro-seconds

·  Consolidated international and domestic payments multi-channel /multi markets/real time/batch

• Full payment life cycle management from initiation to settlement and reconciliation

• Order management, operators 4 eyes controls, instructions validation, transformation and enrichment

• Cost-based routing for optimized OPEX


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