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fiskaltrust - for legal certainty of cash registers for users, cash register, and software creators

An all-in-one bundle as a fiscalization solution.


creation unitOptionally with online signature or smart card

Tamper-proof storage with PosArchiv in E131 and DEP7 format

Optionally cloud-only, without local installation effort


- Up to 25 cash registers per location
- Billing per location per year

At least one CashBox must be operated per business. If the location cannot meet these parameters, additional virtual locations can be created and equipped with an additional fiskaltrust.SorglosPaket.


- Support - Single point of contact for cash register dealers: one face to the customer
- fiskaltrust provides background support for individual test cases.

The cash register manufacturer or dealer knows their customer (cash register operator) best. Therefore, support is provided directly and bidirectionally between these parties.
fiskaltrust exclusively provides support to the cash register manufacturer and dealer.


  • Location-based billing model that scales with your business
  • Up to 25 cash registers per location with fair-use policy
  • Cloud cashbox / cloud backup / cloud recovery
  • All-in-One bundle - archiving and FinanzOnline reports
  • Digital receipt

This Product only exist in German Language.

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