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This solution is only offered in Spanish language.

A 360° agent from your social networks that offers a new way to interact 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with clients and prospects.

Enable true artificial intelligence with this platform that automatically integrates the relationship with customers. Its machine learning allows executing business flows of financial institutions simulating credits and/or investment plans, as well as origination of qualified prospects, clarification of doubts, etc.

Formiik BOT is trained with our experience supported for 9 years for the financial industry. It conversates financial and Spanish language, offering an instant service without the need of opening hours either from your website, WhatsApp o Facebook Messenger to your CRM or Financial Core.

Provide an experience of omnichannel attention, through a unified communication between all its channels.

Formiik BOT reduces the workload and consequently the costs of customer service teams, providing everything your client needs in a completely automatic and instantaneous way. Reduce operating costs, sell more, improve your company’s reputation and increase customer satisfaction standards.

Our ChatBot answers to millions of automated simultaneous conversations. Take advantage of our new communication channels to complete process flows based on the conversation and carry out an analysis of previous data for case detection!

Formiik is a leader in Financial Technology supported in SaaS, which offers solutions that optimize the field origination process, its mobility and a chatbot that chats in financial language.

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