Fujitsu Grants Management Solution (FGM)

yayıncı: FUJITSU

FGM is a total solution for the end to end management of your Grants Process Lifecycle.

Fujitsu Grants Manager (FGM) consists of an online web portal hosted on Microsoft Azure, combined with Microsoft Power Platform. It delivers secure workflow-based registration, application assessment, award and associated management processes. Resulting in reduced time between application and award, which will provide management with a view of grant statuses, results and outcomes.

The FGM is designed to provide immediate benefits to Clients and grant applicants by providing business grants management features into the Clients existing Power Platform and Dynamics 365 instances and a Customer Portal to manage the complete Grants Management processes from the creation of the grant or service, the application, the delivery through to the closing of the grant or service.

Not only does the FGM deliver the principle Grants types of Eligibility, Competitive, Prizes and Rebates, it can also be configured for general applications that require an Approval and Decision process.

System processes ensure that a separation of duties exists when changing specific data that requires an approval process. Approvals and Decisions are recorded and audited to safeguard against fraud.

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