DARA Lighting

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DARA is a smart lighting IOT platform for innovative business processes

Discover the innovative plug & play lighting device connected over the web in a secure, real-time solution.

DARA uses a mobile app that enables easy introduction or removal of devices or luminaires from a DALI network, individual or group control and customizable scene-setting according to your specific lighting needs.

Light settings can be controlled locally via Bluetooth or remotely via Internet. Available adjustments include setting intensity (dim level), changing the color temperature (Control Color Temperature), setting color in RGB spectrum (for luminaires that support this feature), switch on and off, setting automated scenarios for light (based on calendar, lights can be set at the desired dim/temperature level) and many other customizable functionalities.

DARA Lighting's embedded mesh technology and the use of enterprise scale Microsoft cloud platform allows you to configure intelligent control. The technology is agnostic, working with any DALI devices (DT6 and DT8) and encapsulates multiple layers of security for protecting data communication between all levels: device, software applications, data bases.

DARA also displays impact on business workflows, processes and expenses in real time and adds a layer of management and intelligence on top of controlled devices and sensors through cloud analytics.

DARA's mission is to enlighten the way for businesses around the world and accelerate their developing rhythm through seamless innovation.

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