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Create an intranet employees love with Microsoft 365 and GO Intranet.

With a GO modern SharePoint intranet, you’re weeks away from creating connected, collaborative employee experiences that will help your organization thrive. 

Microsoft Teams and modern SharePoint

Increase the reach of your intranet with GO’s Microsoft Teams app and our dedicated experience for modern SharePoint.

Connect line-of-business systems

Integrate important line-of-business systems including ServiceNow, Workday and SAP to display essential information within your intranet.

Extensive analytics and rich insights

Support data driven decision-making with insights that matter using GO’s measurement tools and included intranet advisory services.

Knowledge base for policies and procedures

Ensure your employees are always using up-to-date policies and procedures and have access to the knowledge they need to get the job done.

Robust multi-lingual support

Reach employees in the language they are most comfortable in with robust multilingual capabilities including automated social translation.

Authoring and management enhancements 

Manage content authors, workflows and content with publishing tools that empower you to assign, review and batch publish intranet content.

Award-winning intranet features

Deliver tailored experiences to your employees and create a go-to location that surfaces everything your people need to know.

Deployment in just 10 weeks

Our award-winning intranet experts will take you through a human-centred process that delivers rapid results without cutting corners.

Learn how you can create an incredible intranet by requesting a demo today. 

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