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IoT Device Management Platform

NeoIDM is an IoT device management solution for data collection, control, firmware update, and monitoring of IoT devices. * End-to-end solution, from element technology to custom consulting - Provides end-to-end solutions for building IoT services integrated with existing industrial systems, including sensor technology, network infrastructure, and cloud and data analysis. * Platforms optimized for fast-growing IoT environments - Manages large amounts of data efficiently by adopting a lightweight protocol which is suitable for IoT environments with limited power and resource processing. * Stable and flexible services extension with a modular structure - Enables quick responses to customers' requirements by reliably handling increased traffic, based on Microservices and modifying the function of each module. * Easy to integrate data with applications - Integrates data with user apps conveniently with SDK and API support. It is easy to extend as a global service when integrated with Azure cloud. It allows you to build various service models combined with voice recognition, AI services, etc. * Provides an intuitive integrated dashboard - Customizes dashboard and mobile app functions to recognize a device’s status and events intuitively. By running on Azure virtual machines, NeoIDM makes it easy to manage IoT devices reliably and expand to global services.

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