HCL Launch on Azure

yayıncı: HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL Launch on Azure helps in doing continuous deployment for apps

HCL Launch on Azure helps in doing continuous deployment for apps in a complex enterprise architecture that involves Legacy apps like Mainframe to cloud-based deployments and everything in between.

Application Modernization is actually the modernization of three areas at once – your architecture, your infrastructure, and your delivery model. HCL Launch on Azure enables these three areas to coexist, even when they are in different stages of transformation, so you don’t have to slow down or delay improvement. Modernize your infrastructure on Azure with new tools while staying consistent with your delivery process. Enable your teams to add microservices where possible while maintaining the existing architecture.

• Achieve automated, consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications. Integrate with build and test tools to automatically deploy, test, and promote new builds.

• Easily identify the who, what, when, where, and how of deployment automation, making compliance and audits a breeze.

• Whether you are developing cloud-native applications or managing thousands of distributed applications, HCL Launch simplifies the deployment process and provides visibility into who deployed what, when, and where.

• Applications have many components, HCL Launch makes sure components that were tested together are released together. Create and visualize large, complex automation processes at a glance, and easily understand the conditions for success and failure. Leverage the template functionality to implement best practices across team.

• Integrated with Azure DevOps pipeline for Continuous Delivery.

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