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Condition Monitoring, OEE Evaluation and Predictive Maintenance for Production Units.

Minimize Downtime. Minimize Service Costs. Maximize Effectiveness.

Realize reduced downtimes and maintenance costs for your measurement machines, machine tools, or robots, while assuring suitable environment conditions.
Monitor the states and OEE of all assets at the same time! Group machines, and compare the effectiveness of measurement rooms, production lines or plants!

Why APOLLO? - Trusted by Leading Companies

Important Manufacturers and System Providers like MAN Truck & Bus, KRONE Holding, HEXAGON A.B., MTU Aero Engines AG, SAFRAN S.A., OGP or linrob GmbH
utilize IconPro APOLLO as their condition monitoring, OEE evaluation, and predictive maintenance solution:

  • Get ready in hours, not days - APOLLO enables you to start rapidly and inuitively. Differing from a very general industrial IoT solution, APOLLO is
    made specifically for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance - with deep expertise by production engineers for production engineers!
  • Specifically tailored to meet all the actual requirements of measurement and machine operators, maintenance engineers, production and quality managers -
    Enable operators to efficiently work with many machines, get notified about current and predicted condition alerts, analyze OEE and plan minimized service!
  • Unrivaled support for your use-case - Use IconPro APOLLO for just a couple of assets or connect your whole fleet. IconPro will not let you alone if you
    need any help or advice. As a reknown industry partner, we offer global service & support and help you connect any arbitrary machine or robot.
  • Keep your infrastructure and data sovereignty - IconPro APOLLO is offered as software-as-a-service by default, but can also be self-hosted in any cloud or on-premise.
    Feel free to contact or use our contact form to ask for more details.
What is APOLLO compatible with?

IconPro APOLLO provides immediate default compatability with

  • Measurement Machines from HEXAGON, LEITZ, WENZEL, OGP, MAHR
  • Machine Tools with SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 control systems
  • Industrial Robots from linrob

Additionally, APOLLO supports the MQTT , MT-Connect and OPC-UA protocol as a data interface and can therefore be connected to arbitrary machines or robots.
You need help with that? Contact us via and we will solve your issues efficiently.

What make APOLLO so valuable?

All you need for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance is just packed in a few clicks:

Operators operate more machines or machine groups more efficiently by always maintaining an overview of machine conditions and alerts or by
knowing the progress of running programs without being present at each machine - thanks to the APOLLO "Devices Overview" tab.
Shopfloor or meausrement room managers easily assure and document the specification-specific operation of machines via monitoring environmental
and machine-related conditions like vibrations or measurement stability. Service and calibration activities are stored and made accessible for audits.
Maintenance responsibles benefit from predicted downtimes and notifications about necessary service or calibration activities for minimal service costs.
Meta data and service histories are always accessible for all machines for best possible service preparation.
Production or Quality Managers know the effectiveness of all machines overall as well as regarding availability, quality and performance and can
accordingly optimize the return-on-investment of machines. OEE problems can be drilled down to the reason by viewing utilization timelines.
Want APOLLO on-premise / for self-hosting?
You want to operate APOLLO on you own server?
No problem - just reach out to us to discuss the detailed procedure, s. contact info below.
Please, in this case, do not book any of the listed cloud-related plans in the official Marketplace - we will create a private offer for you.
How to start?

Any questions or do you need some guidance?
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In urgent cases, please don't hesitate to call us via +49 241 41259946.

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