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Provisioning, storing and managing trusted identities.

IDmanage is a cutting-edge identity management solution that empowers businesses across diverse industries to provision, store, and manage digital identities with utmost security and assurance. Offering full lifecycle management as well as data deduplication, IDmanage ensures the unicity of each identity stored within the system.

The platform provides:

· Identity lifecycle management: giving organizations full digital identity lifecycle management capabilities, which enables them to keep digital identities secure and accurate, and to enrich them over time. Identities can be enriched over time by collecting additional attributes, such as biometrics, ID documents, etc.

· ID document and biometric database storage: for storing user ID document data, biometric images and templates used for profile matching and data deduplication. Our platform supports multi-biometric templates (fingerprints, face, iris).

· Data deduplication: for 1:N search and match of the identities presented during customer onboarding thanks to biometric data. This ensures a fully-fledged database sanity check.

· Case management for manual adjudication: for web-based portal for human adjudication services that enables manual verification to complement the automated verification process.

· ID orchestrator for workflow management: enabling service providers to easily integrate, deploy and customize identity services depending on the local regulatory framework, business needs, and the availability of data sources.

In addition to these core features, IDmanage offers easy customization and integration, providing businesses with the flexibility they need to tailor our solutions to meet their specific requirements.

With IDmanage, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive identity management solution that is tailored to meet their specific needs, while also benefiting from easy customization and seamless integration.

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