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Iguazio Intelligent Edge Platform


Automating Machine Learning Pipelines on Azure and Azure Stack Across Edge and Hybrid Deployments

Iguazio brings the cloud's intelligence to the edge, enabling local performance of analytics while sending aggregated data to the cloud. Iguazio's partnership with Microsoft creates new possibilities for Azure and Azure Stack customers to develop end-to-end ML-based applications which may reside in the cloud, at the edge or across a hybrid deployment.

The Iguazio Data Science Platform was designed specifically to handle unprecedented volumes of data in real-time, offloading various analytics scenarios, providing fine-grained token-based access control and building dense and low-cost solutions. The platform enables edge deployment across multiple locations in order to analyze data closer to its sources and boost response time. Iguazio customers process millions of real-time events per second, combined with historical data in a small footprint and low cost, coupled with analytics and machine learning tools running over Kubernetes, such as Spark, Presto, TensorFlow and more. Iguazio is the ideal platform for edge analytics, enabling the greater simplicity, performance, security and agility required by next generation applications.