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EMS (epcr) and fire (RMS) documentation and analysis software

Insight and Efficiency with One Connected Solution

ImageTrend Elite™ is an electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) and records management solution (RMS) that provides a secure method of collecting pre-hospital data, fire data, extracting existing data and exporting for analysis and sharing data with other agencies, hospitals, counties, states and applications.

Documentation, Reporting, Analysis and Interoperability

Go beyond documentation to better share and use your data for reporting, analysis, quality improvement and research. Elite is a scalable solution providing a secure method of collecting NEMSIS (National EMS Information Systems) as well as NFIRS (National Fire Information Reporting Systems) compliant data.

In the Field

Elite Field allows your providers to take their documentation out into your community. It makes mobile data collection easy, across Windows, iOS or Android operating systems, with or without an internet connection.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Elite provides tools for turning your data into powerful, useful information; analysis and mining tools give you extensive reporting and geographical-displayed information. Data collected in Elite, whether it is a standardized element or a custom-field added by your Department, is reportable. Elite also gives you the ability to create custom run forms for both EMS and fire, re-label fields, create supplemental questions, custom permits and individualized violation letters.

Connecting Life’s Most Important Data

Health Information Hub™ (HIH) provides bi-directional, automatic exchange of data connecting EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information. With this seamless integration, you can vastly impact your data and gain valuable knowledge about patient outcomes.

Continuum® actively monitors your data, delivering the awareness and actionable insight to make informed decisions, improve patient care and impact operations.

ImageTrend – One Connected Solution

Over our 21 years in business, we have grown into numerous markets –emergency services, license management, billing, healthcare, and first responder well-being. Our client relationship are a priority with service at the core of what we deliver every day.

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