Indeavor Workforce Management

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The Modern People Operations Platform for Industrials, Healthcare, Energy and Public Enterprises

🕒 End the Struggle with Shift Work Management

Are you exhausted from the endless battle to optimize your organization's 24-hour shift work? Traditional methods fall short, leading to costly mistakes, compliance issues, and disgruntled employees. Even ERP or HCM suites lack the necessary tools for true optimization.

Enter Indeavor – the ultimate solution for streamlining your shift-driven workforce. Unlike simplistic point tools, Indeavor offers both breadth and depth in its functionality.

With Indeavor, you'll access a comprehensive platform to optimize your workforce. From skill management to leave/absence control, every aspect of shift work is covered, leaving no detail overlooked.

But what truly sets Indeavor apart is its flexibility. Bid farewell to rigid schedules and embrace a dynamic workplace that adapts to your organization's needs, whether you manage a small team or a large enterprise.

Don't settle for less. Take the first step towards a more efficient and happier workplace today. Click "Contact Me" to discover how Indeavor can revolutionize your organization's shift work management.

With Indeavor, you can:

🔄 Effortlessly approve shift requests without drowning in emails, spreadsheets, and paper.

👩‍💼 Empower your team members with 24/7 access to their shift information for various leave types using the Indeavor Engage mobile app.

📅 Precisely plan ahead with a comprehensive overview of upcoming shifts and Annual Vacation Planning.

💼 Seamlessly integrate with ERPs, HCM, Time and Attendance, Payroll, LMS, and more.

🤖 Minimize manual efforts by automating the entire shift management process while ensuring your business's compliance, regulations, and union/CBAs are followed.

Experience these features and more:

✅ Request and approve shifts

💡 Operationalize skills, competencies, and qualifications

📝 Create custom shift types tailored to your organization's needs

🏢 Establish multiple departments and locations with specific shift policies and requirements

⏰ Set location-specific shift quotas for each shift, department, job/assignment, and scenario

🗓️ View shift calendars for each department, location, shift, or team

🔔 Configure notifications that make sense for your organization and employees

🔄 Customize scheduling patterns for teams, shifts, or locations that align with production demands and services

📊 Advanced Reporting at the point of scheduling that can be exported to a variety of solutions for increased visibility

Trusted by global brands like Nestlé, Xcel Energy, and PepsiCo, Indeavor is designed to deliver the most user-friendly shift management experience, simplifying shift scheduling for everyone.

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