Onesait Prosumers

yayıncı: Minsait

Solution for consumers enabling enterprises to solve energy inefficiencies at their facilities

Onesait Prosumers is an energy management solution for consumers, as they increasingly become Distributed Energy Resources. The solution can greatly increase their value if they integrate with the grid and adopt multiple roles in energy value chain. Additional to the “state-of-the-art” energy efficiency business capabilities which can impact with up to 20% on energy savings, the Prosumers Efficiency module seamlessly integrate the consumption at sub-station level with the DSO’s uses cases, turning facilities into Distributed Energy Resources with the ability to shift from local to global efficiency. Why customers use Onesait Prosumers? • Centralized management & control of multiple facility portfolios. • Savings tracking (electricity, gas, water… etc.). • Easy-to-use tools and easy to-understand reports. • Edge computing for grid integration services. The solution impacts the customers by: - Generating direct financial savings achieving less than 2 year ROI and up to 20% of energy savings - Simulating, Integrating and sizing new energy assets, hence optimizing consumption, generation and charging programs. - Enabling the customer to become a stakeholder of the new distributed energy models towards Demand Aggregation.

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