Onesait Metering

yayıncı: Minsait

What is not measured cannot be managed and what is not managed cannot be improved

Onesait Metering is solution that allows collection, storage, treatment, certification and exportation of measurement data (Electricity, Water or Gas) to the company from different information sources. It serves as a common inventory that unifies field data for Utilities’ corporate systems. The Solution delivers tangible benefits for the company such us;

• Tasks monitoring and automation.

• Assets traceability: The solution is conformed by main areas

1. Data Collection:

a. Manual or scheduled data acquisition through various communication technologies

b. Unique way of communication

2. Data Management:

a. Certification, completeness and determination of the BTV measure (Best Time Value)

b. Task monitoring and asset tracking

c. Billing simulator, demand forecasting and prepayment

3. Store & and Export Data

a. Detailed identification of the distribution of losses

b. Fraud identification

c. Operational and budgetary follow-up of strategic energy / water control plans and loss recovery

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