Onesait Utilities Metering

yayıncı: Minsait

Providing solutions to the management of the full metering process

Onesait Utilities Metering is a multi Utility solution that allows collection, storage, treatment, certification and exportation of measurement data (Electricity, Water or Gas) to the Utility from different information sources. It serves as a common inventory that unifies field data for Utilities’ corporate systems.   The Solution delivers tangible benefits to the Utility such us; • Energy savings of up to 5% per year • Tasks monitoring and automation • Assets traceability The solution is conformed by main areas 1. Data Collection: •Manual or scheduled data acquisition through various communication technologies •Unique way of communication 2. Data Management: •Certification, completeness and determination of the BTV measure (Best Time Value) •Task monitoring and asset tracking • Billing simulator, demand forecasting and prepayment 3. Store & and Export Data •Detailed identification of the distribution of losses •Fraud identification •Operational and budgetary follow-up of strategic energy / water control plans and loss recovery

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