SAP S/4HANA - Predictive Revenue Assurance for CPG

Infosys Limited

Infosys SAP S/4HANA - Predictive Revenue Assurance for CPG

Industries face the constant pressure of maintaining a healthy cash flow by using financial policies and processes to survive and enable growth even in difficult times. With B2B transactions increasing in volume and complexity, AR's poor management can lead to unnecessary expenses and cash flow problems. An efficient AR management and collections strategy are now a must to avoid cash flow problems, unnecessary added costs associated with uncollected receivables, and putting future investments at risk.
Solution Overview

  • Uses SAP ECC or S4HANA systems for source data collection
  • Leverages custom application of Machine Learning to optimize AR management and collections process
  • Analyses historical payment patterns to generate insights
  • Predicts risk of each overdue invoice and assigns a ranking based on chances of recovery
  • Prioritizes invoice/customer to be followed up for pending payments to allow for faster and higher revenue assurance
  • Helps to identify risk and optimize collection resources and effort

Business Benefits

  • Accuracy:- This solution is able to prioritize overdue invoices for recovery with 91% accuracy
  • Revenue Assurance:- With this Solution, business is able to improve revenue collection by 30% YoY
  • Customer Risk Classification:-Classification of 7000+ customers, as per Risk-based Ranking Prediction
  • Payment Terms:- Identification of 1000+ customers for negotiation of more suitable terms for payment and delivery

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