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Improve brand presence on eCommerce websites to protect brand equity and optimize the digital shelf

DataWeave’s AI-powered SaaS platform provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service by harnessing external competitive information available online, organizing it, and delivering it in a structured, easily consumable, and actionable form. Our insights are timely, highly accurate, and result from analyzing large volumes of data.

Brand Analytics Solutions

  • Brand Protection - Optimize how your products are represented to derive maximum value from your eCommerce channel. Track and minimize the presence of MAP violations, unauthorized merchants, and counterfeit products, while also managing the quality of your online catalog.

  • Brand Perception - Unearth customer sentiment on your products and its features via AI-powered analysis of product reviews
  • Share of Voice Analysis - Gain insights on and optimize your brand's share on eCommerce advertising, keyword search results, and customer reviews and feedback, relative to your competitors. Correlate your share of promotions with internal sales data and consumers' opinions in reviews to sharpen your eCommerce investments.
  • Content Optimization - Improve conversion rates by enhancing your catalog content to be on par with industry best practices.
  • Availability & Pricing - Track and improve your product availability and pricing across retailers, even at a store-level.

Why DataWeave?
  • Accuracy
    • We deliver unmatched data and product matching accuracy powered by human-aided machine intelligence. 
    • Due to our unique human-in-the-loop system, which feeds into our self-learning technology platform, we only get faster and more accurate with time.
  • Scale
    • Our proprietary data aggregator digs several layers deep into public web applications and captures several billions of data points from complex and diverse data sources. 
    • We address hyper-local use cases as well, with unique capabilities of accessing data from mobile applications, as well as for specific ZIP codes on eCommerce websites. 
  • Actionable Insights
    • We transform data into insights that go far beyond just numbers and charts. At the click of a button, you gain in-depth actionable recommendations that result in tangible business benefits. 
    • To make life simpler for you, our world-class customer success team of domain experts is always happy to help you with customized analyses and insights.

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