inHovate IBTS Platform

yayıncı: inHovate Solutions DMCC

Intelligent solution integrating hospitality data to provide analytics, predictions and action plans

inHovate revolutionizes the hospitality industry with its Intelligent Business Transformation System (IBTS) that leverages hospitality expertise, Big Data Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to break-down data and organizational siloes and democratize access to information and intelligence while fostering communication and knowledge sharing.
inHovate’s proprietary IP is a disruptive one-stop SaaS (Software as a Service) platform developed by hospitality and technology experts for all hospitality stakeholders (owners, operators, advisors, asset managers, etc.) that integrates and addresses all facets of the hospitality business.
This intelligent cloud solution captures and connects extensive data at the most granular level from all hospitality systems (PMS, POS, ERP, etc.) and multiple Big Data sources under one roof to provide advanced analytics, intelligent predictions, actionable insights, collaborative action plans, performance tracking & monitoring, knowledge sharing, and more…
By driving business transformation for hospitality owners and operators alike, materially improving their commercial and financial performance, and maximizing their portfolio asset value, inHovate’s Intelligent Business Transformation System is a Game Changer for the hospitality industry.

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