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Master Production Planning looks at the planning process at an aggregate level over the medium term

Master Production planning is suitable in companies wherein each of the production facilities compete with each other on cost/profit to get their share of the manufacturing. In this case, the plan is optimized for the entire supply chain.

It is an important step in a multi-facility Supply chain as it ensures an optimal Allocation plan that aims to have the least cost of delivery / maximum contribution for a given set of Demand/Supply constraints.

  • Our solution uses Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) in order to generate the Master Production Plan for different objective functions of Cost Minimization, Profit Maximization etc.
  • It has the ability to interact with a varied set of Solvers including commercial Solvers such as CPLEX, Gurobi as well as Open Source Solvers such as LPSolve, COIN-OR etc.
  • An inbuilt constraints engine that can be configured in order to suit a particular Supply chain scenario provides increased flexibility.

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