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RCCP gets a realistic estimate of the overall production plan

Rough Cut Capacity Planning will use Mixed Integer Linear Programming techniques to arrive at the delivery date. RCCP will fall in the category of Long-Term Planning as it will look at a 3-12 months planning horizon.

It will fundamentally be a tool to offer a Long-Term Production Plan under constraints. The output of the Module would be Production Plan, Capacity Utilization across the year, Warehouse Capacity Utilization, Inventory Build Up, Working Capital Requirement Profile.

It is important to understand that the output will be an aggregate analysis rather than a resource specific analysis. Also, the time horizon being long, the time buckets used for planning would typically be weeks / months rather than days / minutes.

During the Blueprint stage, we will discuss and decide on the number and nature of constraints to be added to the RCCP logic. For the purpose of this we will consider one or two key resources as Bottleneck resources which will be modelled at the Resource level.

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