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An environment to securely share your Power BI reports with anyone in and outside your organization!

Power BI Reports and dashboards are meant to be shared. They should be accessible to give insights to people without Business Intelligence skills. Webdashboard makes it possible to share your Power BI reports and dashboards with anyone within and outside your own Microsoft tenant. You can easily share your information with someone who for example has a Gmail account, without the need for an extra Power BI license. All you need is an email address.

Webdashboard is an online environment that you can securely manage and brand. Personalizing your portal provides structure, security, and cohesion by using features such as your own logo and company style, the group- and user management, RLS, and more. Where Power BI is created for the report maker, Webdashboard is created for the end-users. To get them to their insights as quickly as possible (within two clicks), meaning they can make faster decisions.

Using Power BI Embedded?

If you would like to: manage your own resources, choose your preferred data center, have a large number of users or loads, or have your own (existing) Power BI (embedded) environment, we offer a Webdashboard Enterprise license system. This allows you to manage and analyze the usage of your reports and dashboards.

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If you are a Microsoft CSP partner and you sell Microsoft Solutions to your customers, you can sell Webdashboard to increase your revenue.

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