MTS Mobile Wallet

yayıncı: IN Switch

MTS allows to transform a mobile phone in a wallet to carry out different financial operations.

With MTS mobile operators and financial institutions can quickly launch mobile financial services to offer a whole new range of possibilities and benefits to their customers. These customers can store different means of payment in their wallets, including eMoney and credit/debit cards, and use their mobile devices for monetary transactions just like using cash, for instance:

  • Merchant payments,
  • P2P/OTC transfers,
  • Store funds,
  • Bill payments,
  • Collections,
  • Public transport payments,
  • Subsidies distribution,
  • Access nano/micro credit,
  • Access microinsurances,
  • among others.

Different flexibility, configurability and adaptability features turn MTS into a powerful platform able to suit each business model. MTS can be used for the creation of a complete ecosystem of e-money and traditional means of payment, integrating all of the actors involved.

    As a multi-channel platform, MTS allows to offer its services through different channels:
  • Mobile application
  • QR codes
  • Web
  • USSD
  • IVR
  • NFC
  • SMS

IN Switch’s MTS has proven to be a success case in Latin America. Diverse operators, banks and governments trust MTS as their solution to bring all mobile money benefits to their customers or population.

MTS is a mature product with more than 10 years of experience in the market.

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