Kheiron IoT Suite

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IoT platform easy to design, simple to connect and quick to deploy

Our IoT solution: From the idea to the go-to-market in less than 5 days!

For end-users and administrators, we developed KHEIRON SP, the first IoT SaaS platform, based on Microsoft Azure, available from both via web and mobile app (iOS & Android). Thanks to its plug & play technology, data can easily be collected, stored, and analyzed from devices or machines to display dashboards, getting alerts, and manage users rights. 

For integrators, we developed KHEIRON Studio, a fully customizable drag & drop toolbox platform that also enables you to easily and quickly design many use cases for various markets such as Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Retail. Make your dashboards and visualize them on KHERION SP web and mobile.

The partners we love to work with: Device Makers, Machine Builders, Network Operators, System Integrators, Service Providers, Facility Managers, OEMs.

Why is it still difficult to launch and wrap up an IoT project?

  • A fragmented market: Plurality of devices, connectivity, platforms and manufacturers
  • High development costs and project delivery time
  • Risk sharing in innovative technologies

Advantages & Benefits:

  • A strong interoperability (650 devices, 15 Endpoints)
  • Unbeatable time-to-market
  • Get a fast ROI on your services
  • Add value to your offer
  • Take care of your assets
Our strength :
  • A great experience: 5 years existence, 25 000 devices and machines connected
  • They trust us: Clients worldwide (corporations and SMBs) with more 10 000 users
  • A local presence: Partners with main connectivity operators, integrators and distributors in many countries
  • A global view of IoT projects : We build an eco-system to bring end-to-end solutions

This Offer is also available in French/English language.

The solution runs on Microsoft Azure.

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