CRM Voice Bot

yayıncı: IREACHM

CRM Voice Bot is a productivity app which enables you to enter data to CRM by using your Voice

A lot of employees spend a lot of time in their cars and, like many others, go from meeting to meeting. As a result, they often have to complete their CRM administration after hours: write reports, assign tasks, schedule follow-up meetings, etc. Since this is not the preferred activity for (sales) employees, administration handling happens often fast, not always qualitative and more importantly: it stands in the way of time that could be spent with customers.
After installing the CRM Bot, your will receive a number that gives you access to your Personal CRM bot. Each time you want to put in data, you can call your Bot that will guide you through a flow of questions that you have to answer. There is a free text that you can enter. At the end, you are able to plan in a follow-up meeting. After each conversation, you will get a copy of your answers that are automatically put in your CRM system

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