Infortel Select

ISI Telemanagement Solutions, LLC.

Provides actionable metrics into interactions happening across IM, Voice, Video, and Meetings.

Infortel Select is a full-featured call detail reporting and analysis solution for any size business, facilitating collection, processing and reporting of communications activity from most VoIP and legacy PBX platforms, and providing the means by which to analyze, manage and optimize unified communications (UC) interactions, adoption, productivity and expenses. In addition to being well suited for most general business applications, Infortel Select incorporates a variety of industry-specific capabilities and utilities critical to many specialized markets – including healthcare, financial services, government, education, professional services and tenant billing.

Infortel Select provides for automated collection of raw call detail records (CDR) and Contact Center metrics from many on-prem and cloud telephony data sources - enabling consolidated reporting and analysis of all corporate telecom activity through a single user interface. Supported data sources include Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, numerous SBCs, and dozens of other popular UC platforms as well as a long list of legacy PBX systems.

Call processing normalizes raw data from each of the various data sources, determines ownership of all inbound, outbound and internal call events by employee and department, and resolves a variety of call attributes required for meaningful reporting or analysis such as; call origin, call destination, jurisdiction, trunk facility used and if desired, calculation of call cost based upon published tariff rates or customer-specified custom rating plans.

Visibility into processed call activity is provided through several different modules integrated into the Select application experience. Based upon the nature of a given end-user request, one or multiple modules may be leveraged to deliver desired functionality and provide authorized users access to reports and analytics via a secure web browser session. Popular standard reporting modules include:

  • Dashboards (Contact Center and CDR) - graphical and tabular representation of call activity, alarms and Contact Center metrics with drill-down.
  • Call Exploration – Easy-to-use drill-down into constraint-driven summary presentation with one-click reveal of embedded call detail.
  • Reports – Comprehensive selection of over 150 popular predefined report styles with integrated design tools allowing authorized users to create their own custom reports, add graphical elements and configure data exports.
  • Traffic Analysis – Provides analysis of call traffic, voice network planning and optimization of both conventional and SIP trunk facilities
  • Alarms – Real-time notification of undesirable call events based upon user-defined triggers and thresholds.
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