Johns Hopkins Blossom - Diabetes Management

yayıncı: Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

Evidence-based behavior change and lifestyle program, supported by expert coaches.

One of the most effective ways to improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs is to help people with chronic conditions like diabetes better manage their health. Now, employers, health plans and health care providers can offer Blossom™ - a diabetes management program from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Blossom combines biometric tracking technology from Glooko® and personalized skill-building with expert support from coaches, to help people with any type of diabetes optimize their care and build a healthier lifestyle.

Blossom can fit into your population health strategy through:

  • Meeting people where they are: personalized support, broad spectrum integration of devices (like insulin pens, glucometers, and health apps), and seamless health tracking help support everyone's needs, no matter where they are.
  • Personalized, inclusive pathways: flexible goal setting, social support and coach-supported coordination enables participants to determine their own goals and take advantage of existing workplace benefits.
  • Strengthening the patient-clinician bond and continuity of care: EMR integration and quality oversight from Johns Hopkins faculty supports best-in-class care protocols.

The Blossom program for diabetes management begins with a short survey, from there participants are assigned a personal coach and given 24/7 access to personalized, skill-building educational content. Access to Blossom's evidence-based educational content ensures participants stay updated on the information they need to live the healthier lifestyle they want. Employees can track weight, food, sleep, activity and connect to apps – all in one seamless solution.

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