OpenBlue Location Manager

Johnson Controls

OpenBlue Location Manager

Designed with safety at its core, OpenBlue enables customers to access secure by design solutions that are developed with robust design protocols for security and privacy processes. Our portfolio of building optimization and energy-saving solutions uncover opportunities for improved building performance. OpenBlue provides connected experiences to increase productivity, optimize processes, and ultimately provide higher tenant satisfaction in industries from workplaces to schools, hospitals to campuses and more.  

Location Manager is an entirely Azure cloud-based solution that provides strategic indoor location real time insights with building operators in relation to people, space, and equipment.

Our solution helps keep mission critical workplaces running smoothly by minimizing the business impact should an employee test positive. For non-mission critical workplaces, it assists facilities for the reopening of buildings and their agile adaptation to the new ways of working that will emerge post COVID-19.

Location Manager provides automated social distancing monitoring to help employees achieve best practice in social distancing and help minimize the impact of any contact tracing automatic reports. It enables scenario planning and compliance management through the provision of critical dashboards and reports, detailing how well social distancing is being practiced.

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