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A chatbot service and online customer support powered by ChatGPT technology can be quickly implemented through a simple copy-paste.
This ChatGPT-powered chatbot service and online negotiation platform are customizable for each company or store by combining Azure Cognitive Services and ChatGPT technology to generate responses.

Chatbot Feature
Administrators can easily set instructions for ChatGPT and frequently asked questions from the management interface. Based on this information, ChatGPT technology automatically responds with highly accurate, tailored answers, preventing customer abandonment.

Online Negotiation Feature
By inputting any video conferencing URL, such as Meet, Zoom, or Teams, a "Live" button for business meetings can be displayed. This enables users to conduct online video conferences seamlessly.

Real-time Chat Feature
Interact directly with customers visiting your webpage in real-time. While ChatGPT typically serves as an automatic responder, it can be switched to real-time chat if necessary. This feature can be used for online business meetings, customer support, or question-and-answer services provided by company or store staff.

LINE Integration Feature
When company or store staff is unavailable, ChatGPT can automatically respond to customers. Additionally, the customer's chat contact can be notified via LINE, allowing the assigned staff member to reply instantly from their smartphone.

Easy Setup Feature
No programming knowledge is required to implement the system on a company or store website, as it can be embedded by copying and pasting a single line of code into the site's HTML. Moreover, the administration interface allows easy customization of color, size, and location to match the company or store's website.

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